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The button above will direct you to the salon booking system. Be sure to select my name and the system will let you choose from my available dates and times. Choose the "consultation" option or reach out to me personally to request a video call. See you soon!


Let me guide you through the process to get the hair of your dreams...

The experience starts when you submit a consultation appointment request below. It will take you to the salon booking website where you will choose my name to book with me. Once your request is submitted, I will double check the date & time and if no adjustments are needed, we will make it a date! Sometimes I can do consultations via video call so if you would like that option, feel free to ask!


The day of your appointment, you will arrive at a quaint little shopping center located inside of a picture perfect community near the local lake. Our salon is located upstairs, complete with a private balcony and gorgeous lake-view. We can grab a cup of coffee or tea and have a seat to discuss your hair and get started.


During your consult: I will take a look at your hair and ask you a series of questions. It should only take about 15 minutes. We will discuss your hair history, goals, timing, and pricing. It is a good idea to have about 3 inspiration photos. Then, we will book your color appointment.

I like to start your color appointment with a quick before photo and once your hair is all fresh with your new look, I'll direct you in a mini after photo-shoot. Since you will be with me for a while, we offer coffee, tea, sparkling water, snacks, and if we get really hungry we can order food from the amazing restaurants next door. 

I will wrap up your visit with recommendations for at-home care and we will book your next touch-up appointment.