Growing up, I did not aspire to be a hairstylist. I was not one of those who did everyone’s hair and knew I was destined to do hair. I actually wanted to be a singer (what kid doesn't?) but quickly realized it wasn't something I was actually passionate about.


I grew up in a small desert town in california full of small ranches with horses and we even had a local ostrich farm! In this town, my parents owned a salon where my Stepmom and Grandma also worked. As you can see, doing hair just runs in the family. It wasn’t until I already had my daughter at 20 years old when my grandma was looking at my braids one day and suggested I enroll in beauty school.


When I realized I could make my own schedule around my growing family I was all for it. I didn't expect the amount of passion and creativity that was about to come my way.....

Getting my career started

        Fresh out of beauty school, I found a mentor who took me under his wing. He introduced me to advanced education while I assisted him. With all of my new knowledge and  passion for hair, I was able to build a full clientele in 10 months! My secret to success… building real connections with my clients (it helps to have a natural ability to talk to people, i was actually voted most outgoing in high school!) and continuous education.  


Now, I am my own boss working alongside my mentor inside the cutest little studio overlooking a local lake where we have a private balcony for our clients to enjoy the so-cal weather. I work 3-4 days a week, which means the rest of the week I am a mom of 3, chasing my babies around. When i’m not in the salon i work from home updating my website/social medias, inventory, and planning out my education calendar.


Whenever I meet a new client, we schedule a consultation where we will discuss your hair history, goals, lifestyle, timing, and pricing. This is our first step to building our relationship and trust when it comes to your hair. I am very patient and take my time to discuss all aspects of the new look you are trying to achieve so we can get a clear vision and design a plan for your hair.


If you're ready to make that vision come to life lets book your consultation and get started!